Sunday, March 1, 2009

Video Crochet Along - Felted Lantern Necklace

In the light of a new day, I decided to work the pattern from start to finish. It's about a 16 minute video, but you can pause it along the way. This takes you from the very beginning of our project to the finished crocheted piece. The only thing that remains is the felting process. Because I'm a video junky now, I may take a short clip of what the necklace looks like as it comes out of the washing machine, but for the most part, I'll just ''talk" or rather type you through it. I hope you enjoy this project. It's short and sweet and there are so many ways you can put your own stamp on your finished necklace. We'll talk more about that in a little while.

*Important Note: There is one thing I want to change in this video. If anyone starts the project before I get a chance to edit, here is one change - When you finish chaining the neck portion, attach the end of the necklace to the pendant with a slip stitch to the pendant. It looks a little better than sewing the end on. What happens is the side that was sewn on looks a little thin just above the pendant after felting. If you slip stitch it on, the two attached ends of the neck chain look even.


Deneen said...

Changed my mind-7 rings-one on each thumb, 3 on the right ring finger and two on the left ring finger.

Jenn said...

Oooh... you're getting closer!