Sunday, March 15, 2009

Setting Goals for Myself

Ah, a quiet Sunday evening. The tranquility of this otherwise typical night is elevated by the fact that I just finished my taxes. Yes, my year end numbers have been crunched and calculated. I have to say, it wasn't a terrible way to spend the afternoon. I closed myself off in the bedroom. I had a drink, a snack, the TV playing a familiar, yet not distracting channel. The husband took charge of the kids. It was the longest period of uninterrupted peace I've had for some time.

I'm pleased that my little business managed to support itself this year. I guess we all measure success in our own way. For myself, I'm happy to have found a niche in this wonderful world of artisans. Though I love to create, I have found so much satisfaction is supplying other artists and crafters with hand dyed fibers and spun yarns. Sometimes I get to see what they are made into, but most of the time, I can only imagine what creations will come from the ounces of wool, soy silk, hemp, and bamboo I send through the mail. Selling is great, but the friends I've made along the way are the best!

I also look back on 2008 and think about what a good time I had doing what I do. I can't even begin to count the number of hours spent over pots of dye or sitting out in the sun teasing drying soy silk. It was also a year of firsts. I tutored myself through drawing and image programs and designed avatars and banners. I went from a so-so photographer to a much better one. I explored the world of felting by making felted sheets of fabric that I used in some of my work as well as felt beads and I even tried Nuno felting. I spun yarn with sea shells, fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones and ceramic beads. I began spinning with a Turkish Drop Spindle and fell in love with the ingenious design. I began this blog and now can't imagine life without blogging!

I entitled this post "Setting Goals for Myself" so I better get to it. The great thing about reviewing a year is that you get to see it from a new perspective. I definitely have a pattern of make money~buy fiber, make money~buy fiber, make money.... well you get the picture. It's a fun little see-saw and I've always loved see-saws, but I do want my business to mean something. So my plan for 2009 is to open savings accounts for my kids and feed into them whenever possible. We have already established college funds that we contribute to, but maybe Wind Rose will be able to provide something extra. Perhaps I'll be able to cover living expenses while they're away at school, or a down payment on a car. Wouldn't it be wonderful if my little business could help them get their start.

I'm excited about my new goal. It has given me a fresh sense of purpose. It also comes with a perk. Now when the kids are whining because I'm having them help me package roving, I can remind them where some of the profits are going.

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