Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Fibers at Wind Rose

Man I've been busy the last couple days! Last week I felt like the universe was torturing me because I was 5 sales away from 1,000 for the longest time. You can almost reach your goal... but not quite. Mean! Then, as it always goes, not only do I hit that coveted sales mark, but all my lovely customers appear at once and there's just no delegating in a sole proprietorship. Help! So for the last couple days, I've been working hard, trying to get some dyeing done while my plumber kept me guessing as to whether or not he'd have the water turned on. My plumber is a nice guy, but it seems to take him 2 or 3 trys to get the job done. Ack!

Though some of the dye work I was doing was custom, I never forget the rest of my shoppers over at Wind Rose Fiber Studio, so here are some new goodies:

Two new shades of Merino/Silk (50/50) in Crimson and Princely Purple.

Two new sparkling Firestar colors ~ Burnt Orange and Emerald Green.

While I was dyeing away, I decided to make a new Color Blend. This new combination is Golden Ochre and Emerald. I was losing the light a little by the time I took this picture, so I'll have to update it tomorrow.

In addition to these newbies, I've been restocking my Merino Skin Tone colors and have been listing some Soy Silk.

There's fiber all over the place around here!

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Laura said...

I like the new color blend.