Monday, March 23, 2009

Artists to Watch!

On this day of basking in the afterglow of 1,000 items sold, I'd like to draw your attention to two good friends of mine. They are far from new to the world of crafting, but they are both in the process of refashioning their Etsy shops and I predict that they are ones to watch!

I am the proud owner of these delightful daisies. You can find more exceptional earrings like these at SunFrog Originals which is also the current home of mimi originals, this break-out jewelry line.

As someone who has dabbled in making her own jewelry, I am so impressed by the quality of Mimi's work. Her hand crafted ear wires and seamlessly joined adornments make my smashed crimp beads look like child's play. When you've got, you've got it!

This is an artist that can quilt and sew and craft with an incredible eye for color and detail. I love my mimi originals and I'm on the lookout for what she'll do next!

I am pleased to call this next artist neighbor as well as friend. Her shop, The Pink Armadillo, displays her wonderful wire work. This bracelet she simply calls Arizona. An assemblage of turquoise and silver, this piece showcases the colors of our desert home.

These days Michele is very busy reorganizing her work into three Etsy stores. In addition to the Pink Armadillo, her work can also be found in Sew Tuni, home of her hand sewn creations and Urban Yarn Junkie where you'll find her knitted, crocheted and felted items.

As if that were not enough to keep one woman busy, she has also started up a blog which also goes by the name Urban Yarn Junkie. Pay a visit and you are welcomed by a striking picture of her hand painted yarn drying in the sun.

These Etsy Shops, created by two uniquely gifted women, are just building up steam. I for one can't wait to see them take off!

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