Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Packaging With a Personal Touch

A couple days ago I shared the story of how Moonwood Farm was inspiring me to give my packaging a more personal touch. Today a customer purchased one of my Studio Mosaic skeins of yarn giving me the opportunity to try out my new design.

I've always used the sparkling green tissue and green paper to print off the invoice. The origami fold with my business card neatly tucked in is also part of my standard. What's new is the sachet of lavender (avert your eyes for one moment my sweet friend Jags {she's allergic to lavender}) which I rolled up to look like a little rosette. I hope some will make the connection between the rose shape and the name of my shop.

Then I tied it all together like a present using the yarn I made to match the fabric of the flower. I went one step farther when I was blocking this yarn, I scented it with a little lavender essential oil. The yarn really held on to the essence of the fragrance and smells amazing. (I'm now planning to make a few select yarns scented with essential oils. I'll keep them separate from the rest, but for me personally, I'd love to sit and crochet accompanied by the aromatic bouquet of lavender. Other scents too.)

So here is the present my customer will receive in the mail. I love that my origami fold not only provides a place for my business card, but also a little niche for my sachet. I also love the fact that handspun yarn is being packaged with handspun yarn. It just seems right.


Jags said...

So pretty!

I'm a sucker for anything lime green ^.^

I've been thinking about getting some decorative tissue but can't decide what kind to get

Karen said...

OOO that is very pretty, if i was recieve this it would be like getting a prezzy and not something i'd purchased.

agoodwitchtoo said...

That is an exquisite personal touch! I can smell it from here ;)

Lanee' said...

It is SO right. good job, you!

Jenn said...

Thanks so much everyone! I hope my customer will like it too!

Laura said...

I want it! I will be buying some wool in the next couple weeks. :)