Friday, March 6, 2009

Spin-Off Magazine Has a New Website

As a fiber enthusiast, I've checked out quite a few publications, but he one I subscribe to is Spin-Off. Of all the different spinning, weaving and even pattern magazines, this is the one I find myself reading from cover to cover. I love the stories they have of farms and their place in the fiber industry. They highlight artists and small businesses including ones I have come to know on Etsy. Perhaps my favorite bit is when they focus on a spinning technique or a special piece of equipment. The magazine is visually beautiful and creatively inspiring.

I was so pleased when I received an email from Spin-off letting me know about their new website. I immediately signed up to be a part of their community. It's a place where spinners can come together and exchange ideas, show their work and be informed. You can meet the creators of Spin-Off and read their blogs. It is an interactive community where you can chat and make friends, share your photos and videos and find out what your piers are working on. I love that it is spinning specific and that you can really learn more about your craft.

So if you are a spinner or if you just love fiber arts, this is a website that I'm sure you will enjoy. You can find me there with my little sheep avatar and my eagerness to learn more about the industry I love!

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