Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Custom Trampoline Cover

I'm changing it up today and posting a couple pics of a personal project. I'd hate for you to think that all this woman can do is dye roving! So how's this for a crazy project? We have a six foot diameter trampoline in our loft. It was purchased years ago when my kids were still toddlers. We managed to burst two "Jump-o-lines" (inflatable trampolines for kids) before I got wise and found this indestructible six foot tramp on the internet. It was obvious that we enjoyed jumping and on cold and rainy days, it was a wonderful way to get out our wiggles.

Years have gone by and the trampoline still gets jumped on everyday, but it's time for her to get a new look. The primary red mat that covers the springs is just a little too intense for our loft decor so I decided to make a slip cover. As far as sewing goes, I kind of know the basics. I can hem and mend seams, but the main reason I bought the simplest design sewing machine that Singer has to offer, was to make the linings for my handwoven purses. Beyond that, my machine hasn't seen too much action. To tell you the truth, I was a little afraid that the curvy shape of the trampoline mat might be more of a sewing challenge than I could handle.

That being said, I'm pretty happy with how my cover turned out. The color is perfect for our game room loft and the corduroy fabric should be sturdy enough to handle some abuse. As a final topper, I decided to sew beads around the bottom to hold the slip cover together. I was going to use snaps, but the beads are more fun. Elvis, one of the kitties we adopted from Kit Kat Rescue last year, thinks the beads are a fantastic idea. He's been keeping me company and taking every opportunity to pounce on the beads dangling from my sewing thread. I think sewing the beads on is going to take me a little while, especially with my special helper.

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