Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Growing Roving in My Back Yard

I'm a fall baby, but there is just something I love about Spring. I used to think it was because I lived in VA where the winters can be pretty wet and gray. I used to plant pansies just to have a little color in my winter garden and feel a sense of gratitude towards the evergreen trees for their colorful comfort.

Now I live on the outskirts of Phoenix in what is called the Valley of the Sun. I can no longer complain about long gray winters, but I still feel such a happiness when Spring comes. I'm just goofy for this time of year I guess. I love the flowering fruit trees, the baby lizards bravely scaling the walls to feel the sun and the pairing birds looking for good nesting spots.

As if called outside, I find myself photographing my work in the grass. This week I took new pictures of my Designer Singles for which I already had perfectly good listings. I just couldn't resist finding a pristine patch of green and cradle my roving there as though it were a perfectly natural part of the landscape.

Yes, I'm growing roving. What does your Spring garden grow?

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