Sunday, March 29, 2009

Merino Roving Color Blends

I've got a couple new color blends for you. This first one is so light and pretty, it was incredibly hard to do it justice in a picture. When it comes to photography, I'm still finding the light colors most challenging. (all tips welcome) The wild winds we're having this week aren't helping much either. Whining aside, I love this color! It's a blend of Silver and Turquoise and it's just so cool and cloud-like. I name my color blends after the colors that make them, but if I were going to give this one a nickname, it would be something like Blue Ice.

A lot less subtle, here's a blend of Brilliant Blue and Dark Grey. I'm so tempted to take over an ounce of this one just to see it spun. I think it will work up nicely and that blue is really going to pop. This one brings nautical themes to mind so maybe I should nickname it Cape Cod. What do you think?

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