Friday, March 13, 2009

I Can't Wait For My New Travel Spinning Wheel!

I have wanted a travel spinning wheel for the longest time. The key word there is want. The truth is, it's not a necessity item. I could live without it. So I tried to be practical. I tried to content myself with drop spindles, but I can't help it. I still want a travel wheel.

So I went into the forums at Spin-Off Magazine to see what everyone's favorite travel wheel was. I figured the next best thing to having one, would be to talk about it and research it. My fellow spinners were wonderful and generous with their advice and I even discovered a couple travel models that I didn't know existed. I also discovered something else. Not everyone lets a little thing like necessity vs. want get in the way of their spinning wheel collection. I started to feel behind and a little ridiculous to only have one wheel in my house. After all, I'm a spinning enthusiast too!

I'm being a little silly with this post, but the truth is, I'm glad I waited. It's good not to get everything the second you want it. Waiting on buying a travel wheel has made me much better at drop spindle spinning than I ever was. I have such an appreciation for it now. The other cool thing is getting to anticipate something new. It's going to be that much more fun when I get my wheel because I've been looking forward to it for so long.

So the wheel above is the one I chose. It's called the Victoria and it's made by Louet. I'm a Louet girl. I love the modern design and the smooth action of their wheels. In addition to that, the Victoria has everything I want in a traveler. It comes with a case I can wear like a backpack. It weighs under 10 pounds. It's a double treadle which is what I prefer and comes with two extra bobbins. It's perfect.

Just today I was at the park spinning on my Louet S10 DT thinking how nice it will be to stop lugging this poor wheel around. I think I'm aging it before it's time by constantly throwing it in back of my car and taking it everywhere I go. Now my S10 will finally get to retire to my studio where It will still spin many skeins to come. From now on, Victoria and I will head out to the yard or off to the park. I love to spin outside! One thing is for sure, Victoria will be a very busy little wheel!


Jags said...

congrats! Louets are awesome, I got to play with one not that long ago and fell in love *swoon*

CT said...

Ahhhh...enjoy your new toy! - CT

Laura said...

The problem with this post is .... I have a drop spindle and that is it. Now I am not even very good with the drop spindle and I want a spinning wheel like you are getting! Fiber arts are addictive. Congrats on the wheel!