Friday, March 27, 2009


Inspiration can come from almost anywhere or anything. There have been many different theories about inspiration throughout the centuries and creative people often have strong feelings about the concept itself. Some seek inspiration and feel lost without it while others avoid anything that may compromise the integrity of their original thought.

I think inspiration is very personal and whether it be a tiny spark or an explosion of energy, I relish the feeling of being inspired. I love that the word literally means "breathed upon". For me, it's a short stride from that notion to a larger connection to life itself. Inspiration... Breath...Life!

You may have guessed by now that I'm feeling inspired today. It came to me in the form of a small box from Moonwood Farm. I just made a trade with Moonwood; some of my Night Blue Soy for a couple ounces of Milk fiber also known as Latte Top. It wasn't the milk fiber that caused the stir, but this seller's creative packaging. She had included a couple surprise treats for me. There was a small sample of the wool batts she makes using my soy silk, a little hand knotted bracelet made partly from Alpaca fiber (no doubt from the Alpacas she raises) and a little sachet of lavender. What I really loved was the simplicity of the packaging and the homemade quality it possessed. I could picture the hands tying the twine around my little wool batt. I was touched.

I think that maybe part of the reason I was so struck is because I've been thinking about putting lavender sachets in with my sales. I think it would be nice to open the mailing envelope and be greeted by the lovely bouquet of lavender flowers. So here I've been thinking about it, but Moonwood Farm is already doing it.

So I want to thank my friend over at Moonwood for two things. First, for the motivation to just do what I've been planning on doing. More importantly, I want to thank her for inspiring me to give the idea my own personal touch. Before I was just planning to buy sachets and fill them with lavender. It would be nice, but it wouldn't say anything about me. I am a spinner and a dyer, so today I dyed my own fabric and wool. I'll put the lavender into squares of the silk and spin the wool to make ties. I'm feeling good about following through with an idea that I've been carrying around with me and even better about making it my own.

Inspiration. It's really about more than lavender sachets. I've been inspired to think about how I can make my business even more personal and connect to my buyers. I'm going to make this one of my goals for this year: Growing my business and keeping it personal.


Jags said...

I love Moonwood farm! Her alpaca is yummy :)

I'm allergic to lavender, so the sachets are not so good for me :(

I do love getting treats in packages though! Many sellers will package up a tiny piece of roving or a teeny batt to put in with orders and it makes me want to buy more to see what the surprise will be!
I put little yarn samples in when I ship orders and everyone loves them!

Jenn said...

Oh no! I've never heard of anyone being allergic to lavender. I will have to make a special Jags sachet!

Jags said...

Dried isn't near as bad as the lavender oil, bleh that stuff makes my skin puff up like a balloon lol

I know some people use herbal teas for sachets (I've gotten a few), I'm not sure what would be the best kind though, I bet someone on Ravelry might

Karen said...

Just saying Hi, found you on facebook fibre art freaks, love your blog

Jenn said...

Hi Karen,

You have some beautiful work on your blog and I love Mya!