Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Studio Mosaic Handspun Yarn

Here's the third skein of Studio Mosaic Yarn that I managed to spin this week. This one is 1.3 oz and 130 yards. To give you a little better idea of what this yarn is like, let me describe my method.

I rarely do things in a completely random way so there is some order and design that goes into my Studio Mosaics line. I start with one fiber, in this case it's the green color you see here. Then I go from one color to another making sure that there is a balance of light and dark and that the colors that join together, bring out the best in each other.

Once I have 8 to 10 colors, I go back to my beginning color. I start over again using all of the same colors and fibers in the same order. Finally, I end using the same color with which I began the skein. I feel like this lends a harmony to the overall finished product. Also, lets say I decide to knit a scarf from my skein. It will look nice to have both ends of the scarf be the same color.

So you see, there's always a little method in my madness!

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