Monday, August 18, 2008

Today at Wind Rose Fiber Studio #7 (what this Etsy shop owner does each day to maintain her store)

Hello there.  Here's another entry in my ongoing series of what this Etsy shop owner does each day to maintain her store.  Today I'll be dyeing merino roving just to keep my inventory built up.  I've started working towards creating an overstock of certain colors so that I can quickly restock my store ( I tend to list 4oz of each color at a time ) and so I can create a few more samplers for the holiday season.  I sell enough roving that it's hard to create a surplus.  I feel pretty busy just keeping my stock looking full.  

I'm also adding a new fiber to my inventory, Merino/Silk (80/20).  As time passes, I want to keep adding to the variety of fibers that I offer.  I tend to introduce them one at a time and then see if there is a market for each of them.  Sometimes it's hard to tell.  I got a good deal on some Masham early last Spring, so I dyed it up and listed it.  It just sat around for a couple months and I began to think about spinning it or carding it with other fibers when suddenly it began selling.  Now I'm almost out of stock.  Still, unless there is a sudden outcry for Masham, I'm not sure I'll be dyeing it soon again.

So that's mostly it for today.  I'll post some pictures of the Merino/Silk when it's done.  As always, when I announce that I'm dyeing, feel free to request colors either here or contact me at Wind Rose.

Have a great day!

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