Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pink Clouds - Handspun yarn from a beautiful blend of Jacobs, Merino, Angora, Angelina and Firestar!

I love my Etsy store, but there are times when I think it's sad that all I can do is show pictures. It's just not the best way to experience fiber. Fiber is meant to be touched. I made the wool batts for this yarn months ago. There are times when you just know how pretty the yarn will turn out. This is the lightest, loftiest, most cloud-like batt of wool I've ever carded! The grays are the most beautiful Jacobs wool. Adding color is a soft, fluffy pink Merino and an even softer white Angora. Handfuls of white Angelina and Firestar have been added for a generous sparkle. At first I listed the wool batts for sale and I'm sure if people could have seen them in person and touched them, they would have been snatched up. I have found though, at least at my store, wool batts aren't the best sellers. I sells tons of roving, but the wool batts don't get the same interest. Lately I've started spinning up my wool batts because it seems a shame to have them just sitting around, homeless.

I have been enjoying the process of all of this spinning. Watching these wonderful fibers become yarn is a delight. This wool in particular turned out so pretty. Even prettier than I imagined it would. It's has a lovely texture and it's so luminous! Pink Clouds is a worsted weight single ply yarn coming to 130 yards and 2.5oz. I have enough fiber to make a couple more skeins. I wanted to show you pictures of the fiber as well as the yarn, but really, deep down, I'm wishing you could feel it!


Eleanor said...

I am thinking of a neck warmenr, mitts and a hat. Just how much would that take, and what would be the approximate guage? I would like to purchase this.

Eleanor White

Jenn said...

Hi Eleanor. It's so hard to know how much you will need without knowing exactly what you are making and if you are knitting or crocheting. To make all three, I'm guessing in the ball park of 350 to 450 yards, but that's coming from a crocheter. I think knitting uses less yarn. Looks like I need to get busy and spin up the rest of this fiber! I just opened an Art Yarn shop at Etsy and now that's where all of my yarn can be found. today's blog post will be all about my new shop.

Thank you for your interest!