Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Baby Cozy (Lighter weight in pink for girls / 0-3 mos.)

At last! Here is the final design of The Baby Cozy. After a lot of tweaking, I can happily say that I am pleased with this creation in every way! I love the feel of the worsted weight merino. It's soft and substantial enough to keep baby warm, but light weight enough to feel comfortable in your arms. I think the sizing is very good for 0-3 months. The baby model in the pictures is a life sized newborn. She can be tucked in so her arms are free or tucked up to her chin so she can be snug as a bug. It's a nice, secure feeling fit and yet still has a little room left for baby to grow.

I've changed the tie from a crocheted chain to a plied string which I like much better because it's easy to handle and less bulky. I've also changed the shaping around the face a little to made sure that baby will not have blanket in her face. She can lay on her back or her side without the cozy falling into her face. Now all I have to do is make one for boys and to make some more color options. This Baby Cozy is already for sale at Wind Rose Fiber Studio. I hope you will love this design as much as I do!

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