Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hand Dyed Merino Roving in Ocean Colors

If you love the ocean, than these colors are for you! I spent yesterday afternoon designing colors in aqua and teal and these are the results. I had a customer request for a light aqua, so the new shade Soft Aqua was designed with her in mind, but there is enough at Wind Rose Fiber Studio to share. Tropics is a beautiful Caribbean green. Teal is a little deeper than the Soft Aqua and has just a touch more green. The Mermaid is a wonderfully fun aqua blue with hints of sapphire and emerald. The four colors look gorgeous together, but could also be mixed with a wide range of other shades. At Wind Rose, I like to sell my roving by the ounce so you can pick out a few colors that you love and design your own yarn. If you are wondering what that little circle of fiber next to the roving is, that is a free 8" piece of Firestar that I give away with all of my Merino rovings. Firestar is a lustrous nylon that can add a little sparkle to any skein of yarn. I hope you will love spinning or felting with these colors and I've saved the recipes so I can restock if necessary. Enjoy!

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