Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Batt to Roving to Skein

When I opened Wind Rose Fiber Studio, I had a large collection of fiber. Annual trips to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival contributed greatly to this stock, most of which I had already dyed and teased out. So when I opened my store, I spent about a week at my drum carder. Well first I covered my studio floor with every fiber I owned, then I put them into groups that I thought would make pretty or fun yarns. Next they were weighed and put into bags containing three ounces each. After that was accomplished, I carded my heart out and until my arm was sore from turning the crank.

At first I just listed the wool batts, but then it occurred to me that maybe not everyone wanted to take on an entire wool batt. I took one batt of each design and separated it out into one ounce portions. Then I pulled the fiber into a ready to spin roving. Now I'm starting to spin some of the roving so people can see how it will make up. When I was thinking about what to blog today, I thought you might like to see one of my most popular creations, "Wacky Pumpkin" go from
batt to roving to skein.

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