Saturday, August 9, 2008

Light Boxes, They Make All The Difference!

I opened Wind Rose Fiber Studio about eight months ago. As anyone knows who either runs an on line store or likes to shop on line, pictures are everything. They have the ability to make or break a sale. So as a seller, I've worked hard on improving my images. When I look at shots I took in the beginning versus how they look now, I know I've improved, but there were still some things with which I struggled. Jewelry in particular. Maybe because it's more detailed, but for whatever reason, my jewelry pictures were my worst. I started to think about making my own light box, but I was hesitant to put the time and energy into such a project not knowing if it would make a difference. Then one day my husband told me about a light box kit he saw on line. It included everthing: lights, light bulbs, back drops, camera stand; and it all came in an convenient carry bag. Even better, the price was right. It was on sale for $50. I jumped on it. I've only had it for a day, but I can already tell that it's going to make a big difference. One thing I like about it, is that I'm no longer a slave to the sun and the time of day I take my pictures. I love that added flexibility to my work. Most of all, the photos just look better. They are not washed out or too dark and you can see all of the detail. I know the longer I work with my new light box, the better my pictures will get.

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