Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby's First Christmas - Crocheted Hats

Is it too early for this?? I've been holding onto these hats for over a year now. When I opened my Etsy store last year, it was already December 8th, and I had already missed most of the holiday shopping season. I decided to hold off listing these until this year.

I feel like I have a co-designer on this one. My neighbor Jenn G. from back in VA came to me one day and told me about this hat she wanted for her son. She basically drew a rectangle with a couple pom poms on the top corners and asked if I could make a hat like this. So the idea was hers and I took it from there. It really is an adorable hat. I wish I had a real baby to model it for you, but hopefully you can get the idea from J.W., my doll model. (Yes, I named my doll model. Don't make fun.) In this first picture, the body of the hat is made from some of my own handspun yarn called "Merry". Sorry, I just sold the last skein. I need to make more holiday yarn. I love the way the pom poms form two jester-like points on each side. Soooo cute!

Of course once I started making these, I couldn't stop, so I have a few designs at Wind Rose. In addition to this one which is for 3-6 month old babies, I also have Candy Cane Stripes both in newborn and 3-6 mos. The last design is red with white trim; kind of a take on the Santa hat. That one is 3-6 mos too.

One last thought, I've been considering offering a free original pattern perhaps once a month or every other month. I know readers are just starting to find me, but I would love your input. Is this hat design a pattern you would enjoy making? So far I have listed a free pattern for a Felted Hair Clip. I've added the link so you can check that out. So I'm trying to decide which pattern to offer next. I think it's between this one and the Felted Lantern Necklace. If you have a preference, I'm listening. I'll end today with a few more pictures. If you have perused my blog at all, you know I love pictures! See you tomorrow!

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