Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Checking In

Hello. I'm wiped out tonight. My kids are on holiday so I'm feeling the strain of running my little business and entertaining my kids. They don't really need to be entertained, but If I don't come up with activities, there is a couch potato tendency.

I have the spiral baby beanie pattern mostly written. I want to work through it one more time. I was doing great, diligently writing down the instructions as I went along until at some point I got distracted. The last third of the hat I kind of just finished without thinking about what I was doing. Since that doesn't do you much good, I need to make one more.

I have been feeling a little frazzled the past week or so. I'm about to go on a short trip to Asheville, NC. I think it will be a nice break. Asheville is a great town and I'm looking forward to spending some time there. On my last visit, a woman was just opening up her dream yarn shop. I can't even remember the name of her place, but I want to pay her a visit and see how her business is going. I also like to stop in at the Earth Guild. I should have some fun things to share from my trip.

I'll be checking in while I'm away, so let me know how those Baby Cozies are coming along. See you soon!

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