Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crochet-Along: The Baby Cozy - Making the right flap

Hello! So how are our cozies coming? I know I said I'd be back by this morning, but this week has been crazy. Hopefully you all are in less of a hurry and can crochet at your leisure. I admit I'm stressing a little because I have a number of things I need to accomplish before I catch a flight next week. One of the other things on my mind is a little hat to go with this cozy. I have a design idea in my head, but I haven't worked in out yet. If I get a chance and it turns out cute, I'll share the hat pattern with you too. I just think it would be fun to have a hat to match the cozy. Don't you?

Ok, so now we are going to make the panel or flap to the right of the body we just finished. This is the flap that will fold over first and then we'll make the left side that will go on top. Remember to switch to the color yarn you chose for this piece. Ready?

Row 1: With the wrong side of the body facing you, join new color yarn in the upper right hand corner. Sc in same st and in next 57 sts. Equals 58 sts.

Rows 2-3: Ch 2 turn, hdc across

Row 4: Ch 2 turn, hdc in next 56 sts, hdc dec over last two sts, equals 57 sts

Row 5: Ch 2 turn, work hdc dec over first two sts, hdc across remainder of row, equals 56 sts

Rows 6-21: repeat rows 4 and 5 consecutively. At the end of row 21 you should have 40 sts.

Row 22: Ch 2 turn, hdc across, equals 40 sts

Row 23: Ch 2 turn, hdc dec over first two sts, hdc across, equals 39 sts

Rows 24-35: repeat rows 22 and 23 consecutively, and the end of row 35 you should have 32 sts.

Ch 2, do not turn, hdc across the bottom edge of your flap by working 1 hdc in the end of each row for a total of 34 sts, sc in the end of the next row, join with a sl st to the corner of the body (the very next st after the 58th st of the first row of this flap)

Ch 1 turn, sl st in sc from previous row, sc in next 34 sts, 3 sc in ch 2 space from previous row to form a corner, sc in next 32 sts, 3 sc in next st to form the second corner, work 1 sc in the end of each row going up the flap towards where you began for a total of 34 sc, sl st in the end of the last row, sl st in the same space as the joining st of row 1. Finish off weaving in loose ends.

So that's it for today. I'll take a picture of my finished right flap tomorrow to share with you. I know it may seem like a lot of counting, but once you've made one cozy, you will see how the pattern comes together. If you decide to make a second, it will go much faster. I'd love to make this up is some beautiful handspun yarn or play around with embellishing one with flowers maybe. I think there are a lot of possibilities for creativity and originality with The Baby Cozy!

See you tomorrow...

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Bridget Hughes said...

Hi, for this part it says to start with the wrong side facing you. Is that the back side with the pocket on the other side. or do you start on the pocket side.

If you start on the back side it turns out to be the left flap you are making?

Jenn said...

Hi, If you are looking at the front of the cozy with the pocket facing you, this panel will be on the right. Since it's joined at the upper right hand corner, the back or the side without the pocket will be facing you as you join your yarn. I hope that makes it more clear.

~ Jenn

tami said...

finished flap one - i like this better than the one i made my grandson! - did you ever make a hat to match? - i was thinking of making 3 triangles based on your flap pattern and then sewing them together and putting a pom pom on top - havent worked it out as i am still working on the bunting and its just idle thoughts while i crochet