Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cute Crocheted Coaster with Beaded Trim - Free Pattern!

Even though I already have too many projects in production, I ignored them all and made this coaster last night. The store bought ones I have are starting to look dingy and I just felt like playing around with something easy last night. So here's a pattern for you the next time you're feeling like crocheting something quick and easy:

Crocheted Coaster with Beaded Trim

Materials for coaster:
Lion Brand 4ply 100% cotton - Article 750 Natural
Crochet Hook size I or 5.5mm

Materials for trim:
Baroque Crochet Cotton - Article 158 100% cotton Ecru
Beading needle or a needle with an eye that will fit through your beads
32 6mm beads - choose any beads you like

Chain 13
Row 1: sc in second st from hook and in next 11 sts. equals 12 sc
Rows 2-7: Ch 2 turn, *skip next st, hdc in next st, hdc in skipped st (forms an X)* 6 times
Row 8: Ch 1 turn (the side facing you now is the front of your coaster), 3 sc in first st, sc in next 10 sts, 3 sc in last st. Continuing down side, work 10 sc evenly across the side, 3 sc in first st of beg ch row, 10 sc across, 3 sc in last st of beg ch row. Now work 10 sc evenly across remaining side and join with sl st to first sc.
Row 9: Ch 1, do not turn, *3 sc in next st, sc in next 12 sts* 4 times. Join with sl st to first sc.
Finish off and weave in loose ends on the botton of the coaster.

Cut a lenth of the Baroque Cotton long enough to go around the coaster. approximately 40 to 50 inches. With coaster facing you, attach the end of the thread to a st just right of one of the corners. Thread one bead on and working counter clockwise around the coaster, skip the corner st and make a knot in the next st. (This is done by pushing the needle through the yarn, drawing it through until there is just a little loop left, insert the needle through the loop and pull to secure)

In this fashion, work 7 beads evenly across each side ( it will come out to roughly a bead every other stitch) and one bead in each corner for a total of 32 beads. Note: try to give each bead about the same amount of thread so that they look even. Also, it will lay nicely if the thread is worked from the back to the front before stringing on each new bead. See close up picture.

Once you've worked your way around, secure with a good knot and either weave in your ends or carefully cut them. Your coaster is finished!


Anonymous said...

I've made many of these already. Love the look of the coaster. It's a great idea to add the beads. I had also added another border to it, not just the beads, but extra rounds of crocheted border. Thanks a bunch for sharing the pattern :)

Zackary Faraj said...

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