Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sharing Creativity with Friends

One of the things I love about being creative, is spending time with other creative people!  There is always a connection there.  It really doesn't matter if you like the same things or work in the same media.  The bond lies deeper than that.  It's the way your minds work and the excitement you feel about a new idea.  Maybe it's the pride in your finished product, but more often it seems to be the process.  

I spent this morning at a friend's house looking at her latest creations.  I oohed and aahed and tried things on.  We bounced ideas off of each other and talked about the craft shows we've participated in.  I really enjoy seeing what other crafters and artists are working on.   It always energizes me.  I leave wanting to race home and get busy on my own designs.  Getting away from your own studio and visiting someone else's is a great way to recharge!

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