Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Knitting... We're all beginners sometime.

After over 30 years of crocheting, six years weaving and five at the spinning wheel, I've taken up knitting. I'm a beginner again! I think I got tired of saying "I do just about everything, except for knit." It's not that I couldn't keep myself busy with all of the crafts I already do, It just bugged me that there was one that I didn't. Not just any one either, but a needle craft that seemed to be taking over everything.

As a crocheter and someone who loves crochet, I started to resent knitting. It bugged me when people used the word "knit" to kind of be synonymous with all yarn crafts. HELLO! Just once I'd like to hear someone ask "Do you crochet?" instead of "Do you knit?" Knitting also seems to get more air time on TV networks that host craft shows and on the magazine racks. Even worse, I had to admit, like all other yarn crafts, I was drawn to knitting. There seems to be some things you can do with two needles that you just can't with a hook.

Finally, I gave in. I bought some bamboo needles and a cute how-to book and got started. The first thing I made was a felted cuff bracelet. I basically just knitted a rectangle and then sewed it together. After felting it, I embellished it with beads and some additional needle felting. It looked really cool, but I was kind of cheating. You can hide all kinds of imperfections with felting and twinkling beads. Next I started work on a baby blanket. I'm still only half way through that project. Basically, I'm kind of bored with it. So when I saw some cute fingerless mitts that a friend made, I asked her to show me the pattern. I figured a shorter project might be good for me. I'd have the satisfaction of completing a project. So here they are. I know what your thinking. They don't match. They actually are from the same skein, it's just a variegated fiber. I think I have enough yarn left to knit two more and then I should have two matching pairs.

I do like the idea that I will be able to combine my crocheting and knitting skills. I think the two interact well and being able to do both with open up more creative possibilities. I will no longer pass by a cute pattern because it's been knitted and not crocheted, but I think crochet will always be my favorite. It's what I design in and what I can practically do in my sleep. Maybe my knitting will get there someday, but for now ...I'm still a beginner.


kyuuri said...

Those mitts are super cute! To me the fact that they have a slightly different colour is a plus!
You gave me a good idea!

Jenn said...

Thanks! I kind of like that they don't match too! I'll probably wear them like that. :D