Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Studio Tour Part II - Wind Rose Fiber Studio

So I'm back with part two of my studio tour and I'm a little punchy. My husband is a home brewer and I just had a glass of his blueberry mead. I'll start with the corner picture. The furniture piece is something I used to have in my dining room. Now it holds a small doll collection from my childhood. I wasn't big into dolls, but it's hard to be a girl and not have any dolls in your life. My favorite, whose name I cannot remember, changes expressions when you lift her arm up and down. Is this ringing a bell for any other children of the 70's?

On top of the unit is some felted work including my pride and joy, the piece in the middle. This is a felted fountain and I used to use it as my avatar. I wrote up a post about it when I first started blogging. You might find it interesting if you are a felter or a felting fan.

In front of the corner piece, you can see my purple star stands holding all of my handspun yarn. They are starting to fill up. Between them is my Louet S10 DT or in normal speak, my spinning wheel. The spinning wheel is cleverly disguising the bins full of my commercial yarn destash.

Moving along the back wall, there are shelves holding all of my tools and small piece items. I never met a craft I didn't like or at least want to try. I really enjoy mixing media. Fiber is always my main stay, but I like to explore how I can use other types of materials in my projects. I play with everthing from acrylic paint to embossing powder; plaster and tile to cut glass and ribbons. If you can find it in a craft store, you can probably also find it in my studio. I know, I know. It's a sickness!

Moving on. Here are shelves full of stamps. I'm not really a big stamper, but I've been known to make my own cards. If I ever dust off my scrapbooks, they'll come in handy. I have to confess that the stamps have a lot to do with having a friend who sold Stampin' Up. You know how it is.

Oh, and don't let me forget this little guy, my CD player. Very important! I listen to 1 to 3 books a week while I'm working. I love it! I listen to all kinds of stuff form lectures to science to history to fiction. Audio books are wonderful for people who work with their hands. I was first exposed to this about a million years ago when I was a nanny for a jeweler. He listened to books while he worked on his delicate pieces. At first, in my youthfulness, I thought he was strange. A few years later, I found myself in a job with a long daily commute. I got tired of the radio and remembered the jeweler. It took a little practice to get used to actively listening to a book while engaged in other activities, but now it's second nature. The other great thing is that audio is getting more popular so that you can find almost any title you want. Cool, yes?

Well, the pizza's here, so I think it will take one more post to finish my studio tour. I hope you understand. A girl's gotta eat. See you soon.

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agoodwitchtoo said...

I'm going to have to give those audio books a whirl! All my time spent soaping and my "to read" pile is a bit neglected! Fabulous idea!

PS I've left you something on my blog :)