Monday, October 13, 2008

Handwoven Earrings - Shopping Local Artists in Asheville, NC

I have one last piece to share from my shopping excursion in downtown Asheville. This is going to be a short post I'm afraid. It's another case of lovely work and no business card on display. What I can tell you is that these lovely woven earrings were made by a company called Moondance. Two other interesting bits; the hooks are made of argentium which is a new kind of sterling silver that is more tarnish resistant. Wiping it with a soft cloth is all it takes to keep the metal sparkling. The other piece of information is that the artist uses polyurethane to protect the fabric from wear and stains as well as add life to the piece.

Well that's all the technical information I have. I wish I had more personal details about the artist. I did try a google search and couldn't find anything. So this is our mystery woman artist of the day. I am drawn to anything handwoven which is why these earrings caught my eye. There are so neatly made. I personally do not really enjoy working on really small pieces, so I marvel at intricate work like this and the careful hands that made them. She has lined the edges in microglitter which for me is a bonus. I love a little sparkle. I also like the beads she chose to hang on the end. It gives the earrings just enough weight and adds some movement and interest.

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