Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spiral Baby Beanie - Free Pattern Follow up

I finally did it! At last The Baby Beanie pattern I've been talking about is posted here for you. It's one of those patterns that is really pretty easy to make, but kind of complicated to write down. It makes me crazy when I find errors in a pattern, so I get obsessed when I'm the writer. I made 5 of these hats while I was writing out the pattern. I also try to find a balance between being descriptive enough for everyone without being too verbose. So I hope I've succeeded, but if you ever find an error or confusing language in one of my patterns, please let me know.

I love pictures, so I wanted to post a few more. On the pattern I used a Candy Cane Spiral Beanie because the spiral pattern really pops with the contrasting colors. In general, the spiral will stand out more if you use two solid yarns, but I also like the look created when one yarn is solid and the other variegated. The Autumn Spiral Beanie shows this off. You can still see the pattern, but it's more subtle. And one more for old time's sake. I got the idea for this hat while making The Baby Cozy in our crochet-along. I had a lot of fun with that project. I'm still waiting on family baby news. Any day now...

You can see the look of this hat really changes with the colors you choose. There are so many possible color combinations. I like being able to see the spiral at the crown, but I have also made one with a pom pom on top and that was cute. Adding playful leaves and flowers would be so adorable on a little baby girl. When you think of it, the spiral is kind of like a long vine waiting for things to bloom on it. I think you can get really playful with this project. After you work through the pattern once, it will be easier to duplicate. You'll find yourself counting less and less. Before you know it, you'll have a stash of these in your gift closet, or if you're the mommy, your baby will have a super fun beanie collection!

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