Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Morning

It's another beautiful morning here in Asheville, NC. It's time for me to pack up and fly home to the Valley of the Sun. It's been a wonderful vacation! I love this town and the gorgeous mountains that surround it. I have so much I want to write about when I get home and back to a standard keyboard. My fingers are getting a little more accustomed to this little computer, but I'm still hitting the backspace all the time to make corrections.

I feel I owe you so many blog entries. I still want to condense my Baby Cozy pattern into one post so you can print it off more easily. I need to share the Baby Beanie pattern. I want to share pictures of my niddy noddy drop spindle and show you the project I made from wool batt to finished baby beanie on this five day vacation. I also had nice time shopping here and have picked up a couple new pieces of jewelry made by local artists. I have that information for you too.

So just let me get home and catch my breath and I'll get busy on all of that. I have 7 orders waiting for me to ship tomorrow and then I need to dye roving like crazy. I think the spinners and felters have started their Christmas shopping. If you meet this description and have colors you would like to see me dye at Wind Rose, either contact me through the shop or leave a comment here. I'm always happy to take color requests. I'll be dyeing mostly merino, but I also have some soy silk and alpaca in stock.

I hope your fall is off to a happy start. It's been so nice to see the leaves beginning to change here. It's just like the falls I grew up with. Now I'm back to the land of palm trees and swimming pools. See you soon!

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