Friday, October 10, 2008

Crocheted Metal Necklace - Shopping Local Artists in Asheville, NC

Yesterday I showed you one treasure from my recent trip to Asheville, NC. Today I want to show you the second item I bought at Woolworth Walk. Don't worry. I actually have the artist information for this one complete with website. All I can say is, if you display your work in a cooperative type place, it's a really good idea to not only to tag individual items, but also have lots of business cards out on the table.

This artist did just that which is why I can tell you that this amazing necklace was made by Sharon Bass of Watergirl Designs. The chain of the necklace is crocheted steel. It features the natural stones carnelian, new jade and lava rock. I've been seeing more metal wire work lately, but this one really caught my eye. For a piece made from steel wire and rock, it's so delicate looking. It's also very well constructed. I've worn it twice now and there are no little pieces of wire sticking into my skin. It's very comfortable and light weight on. I also love that it doesn't tend to travel. You know what I mean. You put a necklace on and catch your reflection an hour later and it looks all crooked. This one stays very centered so in spite of the seemingly random placement of the rocks, it's very balanced.

I feel very lucky to have this beautiful necklace in my personal collection. I recommend a visit to the Watergirl Designs website. I think you will enjoy browsing her gallery of striking work.