Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Until Tomorrow

Hi everyone.  I was planning on talking about one more artist today, but I'm running out of steam.   I had relatives visiting from out of town and I'm feeling tired from a busy day.  I'd rather wait until I'm more perky to talk about Pump House Studio.  I hope you don't mind waiting until tomorrow. 

I am excited to announce that a shipment of Merino wool I've been waiting on has arrived.  That means I'll be getting to work dyeing more colors for you.  I'm always happy to take requests, so if there is a color you're wishing for, just let me know.  

One more tidbit, I'll be adding Superwash Merino to my inventory.  This is machine washable wool and great for your wearables.  Also, I'm adding a couple of natural grey fibers, Fine Gray Shetland which is a darker grey and Light Coopworth which is a lighter, more heathery grey. 

See you tomorrow.  

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