Monday, October 13, 2008

Handwoven Earrings (more information) - Shopping Local Artists in Asheville, NC

After my post this morning on these lovely woven earrings, I decided I could do better. I put on my sleuth cap and dug around for my receipt. I'm pretty bad about keeping receipts, but guess what, I found it! Woo hoo! Now, not only can I give you the name of the artist, but the gallery as well.

The gallery where I purchased these beauties is the Grove Arcade Arts & Heritage Gallery and the artist is Brenda McVey. According to the nice folks at the gallery, Ms. McVey does not have a website, but they promised to tell her how much I like her work and that she is being featured in this blog. Apparently these earrings weren't selling too well at first and now they are starting to get noticed. I am happy for that and I wish Brenda McVey great success!

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2BeBold said...

Very interesting and unique earrings!