Thursday, October 30, 2008

Art and Artists - Finishing up my visit at the SW Fiber Festival with Pump House Studio

Good Morning All! Thanks for waiting on this post. Usually Friday is my day to feel fried, but it's hitting me early this week!

Well my visit to the Southwest Fiber Festival is coming to a close, but not before I share one more artist with you. Her name is Monica Durazo of Pump House Studio. Her tent was filled with gorgeous Nuno Felt designs. Seeing her work is what solidified it for me. I have to Nuno Felt! I don't know if it's where she got her start, but I do know she took a class given by Spirited Hands Studio. She must have been a star student. If I had brought along my checkbook and not just an insufficient amount of cash, I would own one of her pieces right now. That's my lesson learned!

I enjoyed talking with Monica. She had a warm and open way that made me feel comfortable asking my questions. Some artists are sort of guarded and make you feel like you are trying to thieve their trade secrets. There was none of that at this festival and certainly none from Monica. On the contrary, she was quick to celebrate her mentors and freely shared detailed advice. She even gave me the name of the author whose book I now own and will be studying before I try out Nuno felting. (I'll be sharing more about that book soon.)

Here are a couple of my favorite Monica Durazo pieces. On the left is a dress. It's the first time I've seen a dress made in Nuno Felt. On the right is a light and airy top. One of the appealing things about this form of felting is that you can make something so lightweight. It's a way for even us warm climate folks to wear our wool year round. They make perfect layers. Whether it's over a camisole in the summer or a cowl neck in the winter, this is a look you can enjoy in any season!

Well I guess that's the end of my posts on the SW Fiber Festival. I'm excited that they are planning a three day event next year. I think this festival is off to a great start. If you live in the area, it's well worth the drive, but just remember to bring your checkbook!


amysfunkyfibers said...

Thank you so much for sharing ! I have never seen clothing that was nuno felted.........what an inspiration!


I love the clothes!!
they look great , good luck! :-)