Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mobile Wind Rose - It's fiber arts on the go at Wind Rose Fiber Studio!

I know I have a couple other topics in the works, but I just had to pause tonight and introduce you to my Mobile Wind Rose. It's how I bring my projects along with me everywhere I go. I had a great opportunity to snap off a couple pictures today at an Oktoberfest Event. Knowing I'd be spending the whole afternoon in a park, I stocked my mobile studio full of projects to keep me happy.

So how did I come up with this studio on wheels? It all began a few weeks ago when the guy at the paint counter messed up my order and I had some time to kill while he remixed my paint. I was just wandering up and down the isles when I came to the tool boxes and storage containers. I love organization, so I started to poke around. I have always loved working outside, and now that I live in Arizona, I can be outside almost year round. The other thing about me is that I tend to have lots of projects going at all times. My mood dictates which project gets my attention at any given moment. So when I do work outside, I end up making a lot of trips. I'm always running back inside for something else I want.

So there I was, at Home Depot, and they had these awesome tool boxes in all shapes and sizes. I started to visualize having a case big enough to hold lots of equipment. That seemed good. And one with lots of compartments for notions and beads and such. Oooh, they had those too. And then I found it. The perfect portable tool chest. Made by Stanley, sturdy enough to use as a chair, great compartments, a pull out handle and two wheels like you find on luggage, it was perfect! The Mobile Wind Rose was born. Thank you, paint guy, for messing up my order!

I dressed it up with stickers like "Yarn is my Yoga" and "Eat*Sleep*Spin" as well as the ones you can see in the picture. Then I stocked it up. The compartments are so nice that I've begun just using it to keep my crochet hooks and darning needles and other standard equipment. The picture to the left is what you see when you remove the top. It's a big plastic tote that you can lift off to reveal a large roomy box below. Inside that box I keep all my projects. In the tote, I keep everything that I want to have at my fingertips. Even the top has compartments in it. I keep business cards, pens and sunglasses there. It's just so handy! I even use it around the house. It becomes a foot rest, an end table or a seat while I drop spindle spin. It's even a pretty good marketing tool. When people see me walking out to a grassy spot in the park pulling my sticker laden box behind be, they get curious. Then when I open it up and begin to produce colorful balls of yarn and turkish drop spindles, they can't resist asking me what I'm up to. It becomes a fun exchange, a new contact, part of that day's experience.

Ok, so I may be ridiculously excited about a box, but I can't help it. It's just the coolest and I had to share it with you! See you soon.

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