Monday, October 13, 2008

Today at Wind Rose Fiber Studio #11 - What this Etsy store owner does to keep her business going.

Every so often I have a blog post that I must confess, is kind of for me. "Today at Wind Rose..." is my mental book keeping. I post it for all to see because I can come back and reference it, and just in case anyone out there is curious about what us crazy Etsy storekeepers are up to. I know I sometimes wonder how many hours others put into their store and how they focus their time.

First, I have to say that I think fall has come to the Valley of the Sun. My studio, the door to which I keep religiously closed to keep kitties out, is now chilly. Rather than a burst of warm air escaping when I open the door, I am now greeted by a chill. I have even had to go out in search of footies to keep my feet warm while spinning. Very strange. What I am discovering about life in Arizona is that the seasons seem to go on forever and then, all at once, they change. One morning you wake up and it's 60˚ instead of 85˚. Then you know, summer is over.

So what is on my to do list:
Finish Kathleen's yarn and post by Thursday. Happy almost Birthday Kathleen!
Call Louet on the phone and ask them where on earth my merino is!!!!
If I ever get my merino, dye! dye! dye! I am frighteningly low on all skin tones!
See if white boucle yarn is back in stock at Michaels and convo customer about Baby's First Christmas Hat.
Spin companion skeins of Moonlit Dance and Pink Clouds.

Tomorrow night: Do crazy dance under the full moon! :D

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