Monday, August 31, 2009

Yak Top!

I thought I was done for the day and then I got a big box on my front porch. I just couldn't resist listing this exotic fiber right away! This is 100% combed Yak Top! Believe it or not, this fiber is in such demand that it often winds up on backorder. Two months ago I order a combination merino/yak and I'm still waiting on that fiber!

So what's all the Yak buzz about? Well, I'm no expert, but I think fiber lovers just crave trying out new things. Spinners and felters alike, if you put something soft and furry in front of us, we'll make something out of it!

Yak top is surprisingly soft and has a nice rich color to it. I also have to admit I took a quick sniff to see if there might be an unpleasant yaky smell and I'm happy to report, it isn't so. It does have a shorter staple length (about 2") so if you are used to working with longer fibers, you may want to card it with something else. It is one of the more expensive rovings out there. I've broken it down to .5oz lots so people can buy a sample size. It is fun to try new things!

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