Friday, August 7, 2009

Mohair Locks ~ Long, Luscious and Beautiful!

Brand new today are these gorgeous Locks of Mohair. They're silky soft and have an incredible 5" staple length. I steamed these locks up with violet, chartreuse and turquoise. I'm loving this color blend and I hope you will too!

Locks are incredibly versatile. You can card them or spin them directly. The curl of these would make beautiful lock spun yarn. They would also be wonderful for nuno or needle felting and their length makes them a favorite for doll hair. With these colors, I'm thinking mermaid. LOL!

This is one of those great finds of which I have a limited quantity. I'll be making a few more colorways until the mohair runs out. You will encounter trace amounts of vegetable matter, but that is how you know it's the real thing! :D

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