Monday, August 10, 2009

Boho Braided Belts

If you are a fiber lover like me, you don't like to waste an inch of a pretty novelty yarn or a piece of ribbon. My Boho Braided Belts are one of the ways I use every bit of my fiber. A skein of yarn might not have enough yardage to make into a hat or sweater, but it can be a Boho Braided Belt!

I started making these a few years ago and they're a lot of fun. I make sure to mix in plenty of texture and always a bit of ribbon. The long 16" fringe looks so cute hanging down the side of a pair of jeans. It definitely adds a little personality to t-shirt day. :D The one's I have in stock right now have a 40" braid and can be fastened at any point with the snap hook end of the belt. Wear it high or wear it low; over a tunic top, anything goes!

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