Friday, August 14, 2009

Baskets! Baskets! Baskets!

Sailing along on the listing voyage... not my best Today I placed all of my crocheted baskets in Wind Rose Fiber Studio at ArtFire.

I call these the Perfect Project Basket because they are just the right size for two or three balls of yarn and a crochet hook or a pair on knitting needles.

This is one of my own designs. I like it because I think the baskets look very finished the way the stitching is done around the top. Another feature that they offer is strength. You can pick these up by the handles and carry them around anywhere you go. The handles are worked right into the design so there is no worry of them falling off. Also, they are made using 7 strands of yarn so these baskets are super strong and can stand up to some major use.

The baskets are soft and pliable, but they easily return back to their shape after being toted around. Offering them in different colors, means you can pick one that matches your decor and have it look cute sitting in your living or family room, wherever you like to have your projects handy.

Click on the pictures to go to that basket's listing. :D


Dyche Designs said...

Those are so cool, great design. :0)

Anonymous said...

this is a good idea and the baskets are beautiful