Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to Basics Wool Sampler

Back to Basics is a 2oz sampler offering 4 basic colors in 4 unique breeds of wool. You will receive .5oz each of Really Red Corriedale, Ecru Blue Faced Leicester, Fine Grey Shetland Top, and Jet Black Merino.

This convenient sampler of 4 must have colors is just perfect for those who felt. New spinners will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the different breeds of wool. Experienced spinners will like blending these basic colors with their other favorites to create their own works of art!

What a great way to keep those basic colors on hand. It makes a great gift too!

I've been selling fiber by the ounce for about 18 months now. I started doing so when I realized just how many people were enjoying felting as a craft/art form and I knew the smaller sizes would appeal to that community. Spinners go through fiber a little faster, but it's also fun to shop from a wide variety of colors and fibers and design your own yarn an ounce at a time.

It's a little more work breaking things down to ounces and packing them all up. I've gotten to the point where my little business keeps me pretty busy. Still, there are times when customers ask me if I'll ever consider selling by the half ounce. I so understand where they are coming from, but as a one woman operation, I don't think I could stay on top of that kind of volume. My studio is already exploding with fiber.

Samplers are my way of trying to give people the smaller sizes they want without stocking a whole store of mini sizes. They have really caught on with Firestar and if this Back to Basics Sampler does well, I'll look into maybe producing a few different wool samplers.

As always, thank you for your questions and your feedback!

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