Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Whorl Drop Spindle Kit ~ I finally did it!

If you follow this blog at all, you were probably wondering when I was ever going to finish my Drop Spindle Kit. I finally did it! You can now find everything you need to start spinning in one convenient kit.

What took me so long? Well, I really wanted this kit to be great. I took a long time writing the directions so that a beginner would be able to do everything from identify the parts of a drop spindle to making their very first skeins of yarn. I spent time drawing diagrams and making sure not to leave out any crucial tidbit.

Then I posted those directions here to get any public feedback. What better way to edit and I did receive some helpful advice. Thank you! I also sent an entire kit to a friend of mine to take on a test spin. This process is still ongoing, but any questions she may have will result in updates to my finished product.

I also needed time to dye fiber for this kit. I'm not just throwing any old ecru wool in there. I mean sure, I'm throwing in an ounce of plain merino to practice on, but I'm also including beautiful, hand pulled roving. As I see it, it's just so much more fun to learn if you get to practice with something unique and pretty. This first kit comes with a blend of greens, earth tones and natural wool. The fibers are soft Merino, Soy Silk and I've included lots of Firestar for sparkle. You gotta have sparkle!

I've got two of these kits in stock, one at Wind Rose Fiber Studio on Etsy and in my ArtFire Shop. I'll leave you today with a few more pictures:

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