Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Landscapes Dyes 10g Individual Sizes

As a dyer, I've been enjoying Landscapes dyes for years. Now I'm offering them to you in handy 10g Individual Sizes. Landscapes dyes come in an impressive range of 66 colors inspired by the diverse Australian Landscape. You can find them in My Shop at Esty or in My ArtFire Store.

10 grams of Landscapes Dye is enough for approximately 3oz of wool, silk or nylon. The amount will vary depending on the intensity of color you wish to achieve. This individual size is just perfect for any artist or crafter who likes to dye their own fiber. The small size makes it more affordable to sample many different colors and they are easy to use and store.

Your Landscapes Dye will come in a recloseable plastic bag and with a comprehensive set of instructions by the manufacturer. These instructions include methods for Stove Top Dyeing, Spiral Dyeing and even Microwave Dyeing! If you are dyeing wool, all you need is the dye and warm water. No other ingredients are necessary. For silks, a small amount of white vinegar helps to facilitate the process.

Landscapes Dyes are a wonderful way to get comfortable dyeing your own fiber. Enjoy the many wonderful colors or experiment with mixing your own!

The Colors:

Wattle, Mustard, Citrus, Desert Pea, Grevillea, Wild Raspberry
Galah, Cylamin, Clematis, Marine, Sky, Opal
Ice, Kingfisher, Fern, Tanbark, Chamomile, Sandstone
Rust, Kangaroo Paw, Salmon Gum, Plum, Bloodwood, Sarsparilla
Mountain Blue, Night, Sage, Tarragon, Moss, Wallaby
Quarry, Currawong, Sulphur Yellow, Azalea, Flax, Fuchsia

Dingo, Malee, Dusk, Red Ochre, Granite, Burnt Umber
Lichen, Mist, Cloud Ears, Heath, Sun Orchid, Wombat
Shell, Saltmarsh, Tasman, Kelp, Coral, Pacific
Maize, Rye, Clay, Wheat, Alfalfa, Sugar Cane
Barossa, Waratah, Broome, Pilbara, Daintree, Apollo Bay

Click on the pictures to see a larger view of the colors and names. Please note that the color chart is a guide as computer screens can alter the appearance of a shade.

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