Crochet Patterns

Over the years I've published a handful of crochet patterns.  These are my own designs that I have decided to share.  Now I've gathered them onto this page to make them easy to find.  Many of the patterns are written in a series of parts because they were presented as crochet-alongs.  I hope you enjoy them!

Free Patterns

 Crochet Covered Storage Tin 

Cinnamon Log Tote Ornament

Falling Raindrop Ornament

Five Point Star Ornament

The Spiral Beanie ~ Youth to Adult Sizes

The Flower Wheel Ornament

Veined Leaf 

Zinnia Flower

Deco Rose

Summer Cotton Crocheted Bracelet

Megan's Headband Intro, Part I, Part II

Abstract Flower Coaster

Tasseled Miser's Purse Materials, Part I,  Part II,  Part III,  Part IVFollow Up

Mini Muk Luks Part I,  Part II,  Part III,  Part IV,  Part V

Jenn's Quick & Easy Open Weave Scarf

Hyperbolic Crochet Pattern

Felted Lantern Necklace

The Spiral Baby Beanie

The Baby Cozy: A Crochet-Along Part I,  Part II,  Part III,  Part IV,  Part V,  Part VI 

Cute Crocheted Coaster With Beaded Trim

Felted Hair Clip - Free Crochet Pattern 

For Sale

Hooded Baby Blanket

Circle of Hearts Ornament

Newborn Earflap Hat

Air Plant Pots (Set 2)

Air Plant Pots (Set 1)

All Wrapped Up in 
Circles and Squares

Falling Leaves Mandala

The Tulip Mandala

Daydreamer Dolman Sweater

Lotus Flower Appliqué

Tall Muk Luks

The Easy Chair (doll house)

Solomon's Knot Drape Front Vest

Abstract Flower Necklace
Oversized Tatting

Princess Tiara Necklace Oversized Tatting

Oversized Tatted Wall Flowers

The Little Hat Flower

Easy Elegance Circular Scarf

The Baby Beanie

Ladder Lace Infinity Scarf

The Portland Beanie

The Portland Slouchy

The Deco Leaf

The Sunburst Slouchy

The Thick & Quick Portland Beanie

The Portland Beret

Ducky Appliqué

Folk Art Heart 
Coaster & Appliqué

Oversized Tatted Necklace

The Longstitch Express

Talkin' Revolution Circular Scarf

Happy Christmas Hat

Layers of Lace Wrap Around Scarf

Linen and Lace Necklace

Playful Stripes Girl's Hat

The Regensburg Scarf


The City Scarf

The Vandyke Necklace

1885 Baby Bib

One Sided Miser's Purse

1895 Miser's Purse

Automobile Bonnet