Sunday, March 16, 2014

Caribbean Mountain Fiber Batts

A few days ago I received a request for 8 oz of Merino wool in a particular shade of beige.  I'm rather zealous when it comes to fiber, so without a second thought, I started an 8oz batch of Merino which I then dyed a not quite right shade of beige.  I chalked it up to being out of practice.  I have spent the last couple months pattern designing rather than dyeing, so I went for it again.  After I failed to match the desired color with this second batch, I finally wisened up and started to do small test pieces until I matched the elusive beige.

As a result of my zeal, I find myself with a nice collection of earth tones and so this morning I designed this wool batt which I am calling Caribbean Mountain.  I considered "A River Runs Through It", but that name was already in use.  It's approximately 75% Merino wool incorporating three beautiful earth tones, and a 25% mix of soy silk, cultivated silk, mixed Bluefaced Leicester, mohair locks and sparkling Firestar. The Caribbean Blue soy silk adds just the right touch of cool color to the earthy "mountain" mixture.   

The great thing about fiber is that you can always find a way to use what you have.  The result can be pretty satisfying!