Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Deco Rose ~ Free Crochet Pattern

I posted the pattern for this flower just recently, but I'm sharing it again because now you can also follow along with a complete YouTube tutorial. You can find the video by clicking this link: How to Crochet a Deco Rose

Deco Rose Pattern

chain 21 leaving 12” beg tail
Row 1: work 2 sc in second st from hook and in each stitch across, ch 3 turn (40 sc)
Row 2: dc in 1st st, work 2 dc in each st across (80 dc incl. beg ch 3)
cut off pulling yarn through final st to create a knot. Leave 12” ending tail

Curl flower into the desired shape. Thread large eye needle with one tail end. Use this yarn to weave in and out of the end rows in the center of the flower back. Leave yarn off to one side

Thread the remaining tail end. Repeat sewing above to secure the shape of the flower. Leave yarn off the the opposite side of the first tail end. Use ends to affix flower to pin back or other projects.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Love it

Unknown said...

very pretty! thanks for this free pattern and video tutorial.

Camille Salls said...

I just made it and it was super easy and turned out gorgeous! Thank you! :D

Nana Sew Dear said...

Thank you. These will be so pretty on my doll dresses.