Friday, April 9, 2010

Mini Muk Luks ~ Crochet-Along ~ Part V

Hello! Today is the day we finish our Mini Muk Luks! We don't have much left to do. All we need now is the top edge of our boots. We'll also be plying our loose ends to make a cute tassel.

As a side note, I just wanted to share that I realize I've never talked yardage for this project. That is because I haven't made these in quite a while and I honestly couldn't remember how much yarn they use. I'm sorry that I had to omit that information. Now that we are almost done, I think it's safe to say that 125 yards is more than enough for Yarn A. For Yarn B, I started out with a skein of Patons Classic wool of which I had already used a bit. I admit I was worried about having enough. I would guess that I was about 50 yards shy of a full skein and I had just enough to complete my muk luks. So for Yarn B, I'm going to say 225 yards. For both colors I am erring on the safe side.

Part V

We will be joining our top edge in the same location as where our tassel will hang. The tassel of each Mini Muk should hang on the outside of the leg. That means for one boot you will start on the right side and for the other, the left.

Do the following steps for each leg of your Mini Muks Luks.

Row 1: With Yarn B, join with sl st in the center of the ∆ leaving an 8" tail for the tassel, ch 1, sc in same space and work 5 sc evenly across the remaining half of your ∆, as you crochet across the corner of the 1st SQ, work hdc, dc, hdc in the three corner sts (see picture below), work 10 sc evenly across the next ∆, hdc, dc,hdc in the three corner sts of the 2nd SQ, work 4 sc evenly across beg ∆ and join with sl st to 1st sc changing to Yarn A. Leave an 8" tail for Yarn A as well.

Row 2: with Yarn A, ch 2, hdc in same st, hdc around, join with sl st to top of 1st hdc changing back to Yarn B. Cut Yarn A leaving and 8" tail. (total 26 hdc)

Row 3: with Yarn B, ch 1, sc in same st, sc around, join with sl st to beg sc, finish off leaving an 8" tail. (total 26 sc)

Preparing for Tassel

Use a large eyed needle to weave the last tail end of Yarn B down to Row 1 on the wrong side. Now the right side or outside of your muk luk should have no loose ends. Use your hook to draw all four loose ends to the right side of your boot. Draw the Yarn B ends through in one space of Row 1 and the Yarn A colors through a space right next to them.

Making Tassel

Trim your four tail ends to even out their length. Hold both strands of Yarn B together. Twist them counterclockwise until the twist travels all the way up the ends and is fairly tight. When you loosen the tension, the twist should backspin or start to curl up. Anchor those strands with a piece of tape to free up your hands. Now do the same for the two strands of Yarn A. Try to get the twist about as tight as you did for Yarn B.

Holding both Yarn A and B, twist them clockwise so that they ply together. They should be happy to cooperate.

You can let go and let your plied yarn relax. If you've never finger plied before, don't be frustrated if you don't get it the first time. Sometimes our fingers need a little training to do a new skill. Once you have your plied yarns looking good, knot them where the two SQ corners meet. Trim the fringe of your tassel to make it even.

Check out your finished Mini Muk Luks! Aren't they cute? I have to say that the tassel is my favorite part. I think that small embellishment adds so much to the overall look.

Now that you've worked your way through the pattern, change it up. Make Rainbow Muk Luks with every SQ and ∆ a different color. Tap into your inner quilter and create kaleidoscope inspired designs. I like introducing a third color on Row 3 of the squares and then use that as the accent color around the foot and top edge. How about fur trimmed Mini Muks?

Then there's the endless possibilities of squares. This project could take on so many unique looks. I love the versatility!

Thank you so much for joining me in this tutorial. I've enjoyed revisiting one of my favorite designs and I hope you've had some fun too. I love show and tell here on my blog, so if anyone would like to share pictures of their Muk Luks, that would be awesome! You can email your photos to me at Include any description you'd like to add and I'm always happy to link to blogs and websites for you!

Have a great weekend!

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Unknown said...

These are absolutely fabulous!!!!

Jenn said...

Thanks so much Kelly! :D

Unknown said...

OMG!!! Absolutely fab! Your tut is nicely done & is gonna be a breeze to follow. Can you say Christmas presents? Thank you so much for posting this. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pattern! I love these mukluks. I have been looking for a mukluk pattern for so long and am so happy to have found this. Also, your instructions are so easy to follow, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I happened on this site and on this pattern and had to try it! I appreciate that you put so much work into the instructions and pictures, how amazing that you would do that. My gratitude and thank you again! Avis from Louisiana

Jenn said...

Thanks so much for your comments everyone!

I had moments when I thought I was crazy taking all these pictures and trying to describe everything in great detail. I do think the tutorial format is easier to follow with this design than a concise pattern would be.

It's all worth it when someone makes a pair and loves their muk luks! :D

rhonda rogalski said...

I would love to felt these. How would you increase the size during the crocheting so they would be large enough to felt?


AvonbiCarlyn said...

Thank you so much these are the greatest. Thank you thank you

WrethaOffGrid said...

Thanks for your great muk-luk tutorial, I thought it might be for kids because of the name "mini muk luk", even the picture makes them look small, I was happy to see they were for adults! I also appreciate the simplicity of making squares and being able to adjust the size as it is made. I'll post pix when I make mine.


Leah said...

Have been looking for a pattern like this for awhile. I had directions for 2 slipper socks with already made soles given to me a long time ago. But they were in knit and I don't do knit. Of course these were the ones my daughter likes best. 2 patterns were crochet, but did not care for. I'm sure I'll have a great time making. Will need to make for a size 10 woman's as my girl is 5' 10" tall. Will do in steel blue-
gray, black, and light gray. Thanks so much for the great directions and pictures.

Sara said...

Thank you for posting such a thorough tutorial! I'm so excited about mine :-)

I was wondering whether you wear them outside, or are they more of an indoor slipper?
If they're designed for indoor use, do you have any suggestions to make them wearable outside?

Thank you again!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pattern! I would also love to make a boot that goes higher up the calf - any suggestions for adding a pattern repeat? Also any suggestions for putting a sole on, like leather?

Jenn said...

Hi, It looks like I'm behind on a few questions.

~ I haven't experimented with felting the muk luks. If I were to do so, I would start off by making the pattern as written only using a crochet hook several times larger than the yarn called for. This should result in an oversized boot that could be felted down. Remember to use 100% wool.

~ If you want to wear them outside, I would go for a leather sole. If you prefer not to use leather, you can look for a faux leather fabric. I have also seen fabrics made from recycled plastic that are durable and would work well. A good fabric shop should be able to help you out. One more thought, some store sell pre-cut soles that already have holes punched in them for sewing. There are even some that come up the sides of the foot about an inch. If you can find something like this, it would make for better outdoor use.

~ It isn't hard to take the boots up one more level to make them taller. The knee high muk luks happen to be my favorite. I decided to write the tutorial for the shorter boot just because this is already a fairly involved pattern. To make them taller, each leg would use five squares. The would be crocheted together in the same manner as the short boots. It's just like adding another story to a building.

~ I know some of you are waiting for the last two companion videos. I'm sorry it's taking me so long. They take a lot of time to produce and edit and it's challenging for me to find a day that I can devote to it. In the meantime, I hope all of the pictures help you through.

Thanks for visiting Wind Rose Fiber Studio!


lilyjean said...

just faantastic,the pattern,the instructions could not ask for any more the tuts made me feel like i was in your house crocheting with you having a happy hour crocheting time. I thank you for the good time love your site all of it looks like a good time Again thanks Sue whu from cow hampshire

Anonymous said...

Love the pattern and your video helped a lot. I am going to use a smaller size needle on my next pair. the foot portion was sloppy. may be my yarn or needle but i do love the pattern.
thatnk you for taking the time to do the video and make simple directions.

Anonymous said...

How would you go about makin a bigger size. For instance a womens 10

SimpleAnn said...

Such a detailed tutorial. Thank you so much for making and sharing it. Will pick up the needle to make a pair for myself after posting this comment.

Twinkle Toes the Berserker said...

Do you know where I could find soles with prepunched holes in them? I'd love to wear these outside, but I don't even know where to start looking.

Jenn said...

I'm afraid I don't know where to find prepunched soles. I'd probably start with Google.


Unknown said...

Holy cow these are adorable. When I saw these my quest for the perfect Christmas gift was finally over. Thank you for your post!

Anonymous said...

I would love to make these foy my kids 3,2 and 1 yrs how would i go about maling them this small thanku!!

Brittany Nelson said...

So i finish the pattern and loved it so much i took SMALL yarn and a 4.00 hook and made a pair of baby mukluks out of the same pattern! both pairs are super cute thank you so much for the pattern!

NanaBunn said...

Just found these, and worked them up in just a few them! Really appreciate the videos, and the tutorial was easy to follow. Thank you!

Rosa said...

Awesome thanks so much for all the time and afford you put into this pattern. I just love it!!

Unknown said...

i enjoyed making these for my great grndson -minus the tassel-i made them in black n blue cant wait for his next visit to try them on i just used a smaller hook thank you so much for your pattern and tutorial made it super easy

Pmbourque2 said...

I wish I'd realized how small they would be. I wear a size ten, when I attempted to try them on, they were too tight. I'm trying to increase size along the back (without sacrificing the cuteness), so I don't have to redo my front squares (limited yarn).