Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time To Fly

I just had to conduct a search of my own blog to find a post I wrote on Feb. 16. The post was called Loving The Craft Supplies From Dreamweavers (I really need to learn to give my blog posts shorter names) and in that post I had pictures of a hair clip base and back along with a rough idea of what I wanted to make.

Just in case you were starting to lose confidence in my ability to complete a project, look here! Yesterday I sat down with my components from Dreamweavers and some of my homemade felt. I knew I wanted to do some beadwork and I had also just recently ripped apart an old watch. I thought maybe I'd try a little steampunk.

As it turns out, my style is now what I'm calling "Wonderland". I seem to lean towards fantasy and it didn't hurt that my son was watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland while I worked on my clip. I have always enjoyed playing around with findings and using them in different ways. For example, the antennae on my butterfly are the loop ends of two earwires used for making earrings.

I also like to think in terms of layers; metal base, felt, beads, beads on top of beads and so forth. I don't like things to look flat. The two colors of blue in the felt help to begin to add depth. The clock butterfly is a five layer piece making it the focal point. Then I gave him a little butterfly friend which I attached to a coil. I wanted this little guy to look like he was in flight. Then I needed leaves and flowers because butterflies like that sort of thing.

I also like to keep my creations fun and lighthearted. Time to Fly, my name for this hair clip, has three moving parts. The small butterfly wiggles, the leaf moves from side to side and the clock face can turn all the way around. It could even be upside down if you were feeling a bit comical.

So I had a great time with my craft products from Dreamweavers. I have a few more items from them with which to experiment. What will I make next?

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