Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Beautifully Crocheted Pair of Mini Muks!

These are so lovely! I was delighted when I got an email from Irma the other day. I didn't realize she was following our Mini Muk Luk Tutorial too! She actually made this pair of muk luks in less than a day!

She shared that she made a few changes along the way. Right off I noticed the scalloped trim around the top of the boots. I think that is really cute! I actually love it when people make designs their own. Perhaps some people are protective of their patterns, but I always hope that people will see my patterns as just the beginning. I want them to be personalized, adapted and even made better. I try to resist the urge to give too many suggestions about how to alter the pattern, so I don't take away from the creative insights of others.

Here Irma shows the yarns she used for her project. You can see she carried two colors for both the blocks and the second color. That why these mini muks look so warm and toasty! I also think that by combining these colors, she added a lot of visual depth.

If you crave details, her yarns are Novita Isoveli, Novita Isoveli Colori and Novita 7 Veljestä. You may have to buy a plane ticket to find them. :D

Here is a nice close-up so you can really see the colors. Even though color theory is something that can be learned, some people just seem to have a gift. I think Irma is one of those people! Not everyone would put these colors together with confidence and look at how great the results are!

If you would like to see more from Irma, you can visit her blog at Neferi. Oh, and remember, Google Translate is a very nice tool!


Neferi said...

Oh, thank you for your lovely words :D. YOU made my day this time.

I have worked 15 years with computers and programs and I love to be creative also in another way - yarns and knitting and crocheting are the best.

And again, I love this pattern a LOT. Have a nice day!

Jenn said...

It was my pleasure! I have been enjoying your blog too! I copy sections at a time and use google translate. It doesn't always get everything right, but I get the main idea. I also have a strong affinity for both the high tech and the low tech worlds. :D