Saturday, May 1, 2010

Connecting Through Creativity

This is a picture of the little Miser's Purse I sent to my sister for her birthday. I made it last night when I went to my first ever Meetup. Meetup is a site that helps you locate groups of people in your area with similar interests. It's a really nice concept and as it turns out, a great way to meet people.

I've mentioned before that I'm a transplant. I moved to Arizona from Virgina almost three years ago. I can hardly believe it's been that long, because most of the time, I still feel like a newcomer here. This was the first big move of my life; big in the sense that I came to live in a place where I knew no one and the surroundings were completely unfamiliar. It's been exciting and I have loved the change. Still, it's just hard to meet new friends.

So anyway, I checked out Meetup after I moved here and didn't see any groups that felt right. It pays to look again though, because that's what I did just recently and that's when I found a group of crafting people to join. I knew that I would feel more comfortable in a setting where everyone was making something. It not only gives you an activity, it also helps to make conversation and I think you learn a lot about people when you share creative time together.

So last night I headed out to spend an evening with strangers. I packed up everything I needed to make my sister's present along with a bottle of my husband's homemade mead and a batch of fudge. I figured that people generally like you when you show up with fudge. The evening turned out to be a fun night of crafting and conversation. I'm so glad I went and I think I may have even made some new friends. Amazing!

I just wanted to share this little story about how creativity can help us make connections. There's a bond among people who like and need to make things. It can be a pretty powerful attribute to have in common. There are personality traits that we all share or at least to which we can relate. This society has been very comforting to me in my move across country. Whether I'm online tweeting, in an Etsy forum, on Ravelry or even just writing this blog, I feel connected to the other creative people out there and I'm so grateful for that!


Anonymous said...

I've looked at MeetUp in the past, but didn't see a group that was close enough to me work. But I'll look again!

I moved to Delaware from Louisiana 6 yrs ago, and I'm just not not feeling like a newcomer. It takes time when everything is completely new to you. But it's working out.

Take care and I'll see you around in our online community. :D


Kristen said...

It was very nice meeting you last night, and I really enjoyed hearing the history behind the miser's purse. It turned out beautiful. Hope to see you again at another meetup! :)

Jenn said...

Thanks for your comment teresasdesk. I'm glad things are working out for you in Delaware. Maybe you could host a Meetup. It could be fun.

Hi Kristen. You found me! :D I'm so glad you did because I thoroughly enjoyed my visit your your photography website and I'm your newest FB Fan. Friday night was fun and I hope the same people will come to the next one so we can keep getting to know each other. That would be nice.