Thursday, April 22, 2010

Miser's Purse ~ A New Design In The Works

I feel I am suffering from a deficit in attention span this week. I'm getting plenty of things done. They just aren't the things I planned to do. My plan was to have my One Sided Miser's Purse Pattern written by now, but instead, I distracted myself by working on this new design.

This, sort of pumpkin shaped purse has been floating around in my head and needed to come out. This is my prototype which I still plan to embellish with some beadwork and probably a tassel on the bottom. I haven't exactly figured out how I want to finish it yet.

I'm pretty happy with this design as far as first run throughs go. There are only a couple small changes that I plan to make in the future. I have also found a spring hook that I like so that the purse can be worn like a ring clutch or be hooked onto a larger bag or even a belt loop.

My first Miser's Purse design which was more rectangle in shape, could be easily changed to a larger size, but I prefer this change in shape for additional roominess. The pocket measures 6.5" high and 5.75" wide allowing plenty of room for keys, phone, lipstick and stash of cash. It could easily take the place of a larger clutch for a formal occasion and be a pretty part of an ensemble. Not only that, with a Miser's Purse, you don't just have a bag, you have a conversation piece!

So I guess I'm continuing to bury myself in things to do. I will get my other pattern written and this one will follow. I'd suggest a time frame, but I fear that my personal deadlines are in jeopardy these days. I never know where my head will lead me next.


Anonymous said...

Just as long as you do not forget to write up your Miser's Purse pattern.
We're still here waiting patiently.


Jenn said...

Hi Janey, Message received. With summer and additional time on my hands, I seem to be filling it up with even more projects and goals. You are right to remind me not to forget my past projects. It's easy for me to put off pattern writing because it's time intensive. However, I do think this pattern deserves to be completed.

Focus Jenn, Focus!