Monday, August 1, 2011

The Regensburg Scarf ~ The Pattern is Ready!

I'm happy to share that I have finally completed my pattern for The Regensburg Scarf. This pattern took me a little longer than some in part because I created a companion video for the project.

It's not that this scarf is terribly difficult, but it contains a couple of things you don't see every day. For instance, the fringe in worked as you crochet and not after the project is complete. Also, the ruffles require a good comfort level with stitch placement. I want less experienced crocheters to feel comfortable making this pattern and a great way of doing that is by making a video.

As always, I like to share things first, here on my blog. You can see more pictures of The Regensburg Scarf on the listing. I love the versatility and all of the great looks you can create!

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